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Spanish kitchen

GambasThe Spanish kitchen consists of a large variety of regional dishes and specialities. Fish and seafood are particularly at the coast a main part of the meal. As vegetable the potato and legume are the main dishes. The kitchen was affected by the eventful history of Spain by different cultures and contains an abundance of different ingredients and typical dishes.

PaellaOn the one hand there are rich, native potting dishes with legume, like e.g. lens-pot (Lentejas) or chickpeas-pot (Cocido de Garbanzos), which is often to be found as starters. Or also the Paella, a rice dish mostly found with chicken and seafood. As main dish you find a lot of meat, a lot of fish and seafood, vegetables are only given as supplement. In many dishes plenty of garlic is used, however the use of spices and herbs is very economical, with exceptions of course. The meals are not "dead-cooked", like they do it often in the german kitchen, but usually only fast refined. Sauces are handed out rarely. Be not surprised, if the salad is completely unflavored. You find always oil, vinegar, salt and pepper on the table to arrange the salad after your own taste.

FlanAs dessert you find among other things milk rice (Arroz con leche), Crema Catalana, a vanilla pudding, which is covered with a firm layer of caramel cream, as well as Flan, a mass from egg, milk and sugar, come to a hold in a water bath. Alternatively you can simply drink a coffee or eat an ice.