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Faro de Torrox, lighthouseTorrox is a small town in the province of Malaga with approximately 12,000 inhabitants. The town consists of the districts Torrox-Pueblo and Torrox-Costa. Because of the high building activity the districts are more and more growing together. Torrox-Pueblo, the town core, which is liing approximately 4 kilometres afar from the coast, is a typical andalusian village with narrow, winding lanes and white painted house and a Muslim history, which you can recognize by the old city wall and the towers.

Torrox PuebloIn contrast Torrox-Costa was once was a roman fabric and trading town, which originally extended the arabic town and you can still see the old ruins. Today you find here the longest promenade of the Costa del Sol, which invites you to broad walkaways, whereas you can stop again and again in the numerous terraces to drink wheat beer, what is typical german. Torrox advertises with "the best clima from europe". But Torrox has not only sun and beach to offer. Torrox-Costa, known by the local population as "the biggest german colonie outside of Germany, has everything for the german tourists, because several germans opened their shops here, but as well the spanish people try to agree with the german guests in german.