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MijasThe municipality of Mijas is separated in two parted villages. Whilst Mijas Costa is a compound of many small settlements along the coast, Mijas Pueblo is a mountain village, which lies in the mountains above Fuengirola. Altogether Mijas has approximately 55,000 inhabitants. Mijas Pueblo is one of the typical white villages of Andalucia, with its small white painted, garlanded houses. The streets in the centre of Mijas are only enabled for foot traffic. On donkeys, serving as taxies, you can explore the traditional village. Here you still find the small, anomalous lanes, old churches and other nice monuments of roman, moorish and spanish histoty - and all that amidst impressive mountain scenery. In 425 metres above the sea you can enjoy magnificent panomaric views. On clear days the view is enough to see the adjacent Africa. Unique in Spain the the peculiar, rectangular bullring.

During the high season the tourists flow from the surrounding costal places to the mountan village. Then itis really cramped in the small lanes and you can enjoy the idyll only in the upper part of th village, where the lanes turn into stairs and the locals cavort in the tranquil cafes and bars. Furthermore you can find a lot of small shops, which sell handmade objects like leather work, oven ware or other traditional products, but as well a lot of junk goods. The parts liing on the coast of Mijas Costa are now home of many english, scandinavian and german people, who settled down to the Costa del Sol. This region is characterised by the nice bays and beaches, which are hidden behind the colonies.