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Port of TorremolinosIn the 60s the first tourists came to the fishing village Torremolinos. At this time there have been lining a few hundret inhabitants on fishing, outstanding buildings have been an arabic tower and an old mill ("Molino de la Torre"). Today the whole coast is sheeted with hotels and apartments. Torremolinos is the mother-of-all in mass tourism on the Costa del Sol. Notorious like the 40 km southwest afar situated Marbella, but with a difference: While Marbella is the jetset-metropolis, Torremolinos is still the vacation resort for mormal people. In the meantime this town has now 55,500 inhabitants and here's everybody welcome.

If somebody is looking for nightlife or lively beach live, Torremolinos is spot-on. The coastline is approximately 7 km and is virtually a whole long sandy beach. Always a lot of people are at Playa del Bajondillo, the main beach in Torremolinos, which invites you with its countless beach bars, restaurants and ice cream parlours every few metres to stay. Directly in front of this beach section arises a rock. From this rock 50m long steep stairs leads you to Calle San Miguel, which is with its side streets the busy centre of this town. Here the souvenir shops, bars and other shops are opened far into the night. One of the attractions of this town is first of all the Iglesia de Nuestra Señora del Carmen, a church from the 18th century and the Aquapark situated a little distance outside. If you are visiting Toremolinos in autumn, you can party a lot with the locals. In the last week of septembre the annual Feria de San Miguel takes place.